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Creating a Cloud Library in Windows

Lately I’ve been a huge user of cloud based services. SkyDrive (for personal and business), SkyDrive Pro (Office 365 and On Premise) and Dropbox (slowly moving to SkyDrive) are my biggest three. While these apps have integration into Windows there is the occasional dialog that make it hard to find your folder (Alright it’s not that difficult but it can be annoying if your SkyDrive folder is inside of your User directory). In most cases it’s a breeze to access this information because it shows in your Favorites window when you’re working with files. But other times you’ll get the “Library Window” which can make it very hard to find things… especially when you store your SkyDrive library on a separate harddrive. Continue reading →

Best Kept Windows 7 Secrets

Tim Sneath over at Musings of a Client Platform Guy has just posted an excellent article on all gems you can find in Windows 7 that few know about. I definitely learned some tricks including the following:

  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • The Blackbox Recorder
  • New mouse shortcuts
  • Specialized windows switching
  • and more…

Read the rest at The Bumper List of Windows 7 Secrets. Thanks Tim!