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A Few JavaScript/jQuery Best Practices


I recently completed a pretty good size HTML5, JavaScript, SharePoint 2010 application for mobile devices. I got the opportunity to use some fairly young technologies so had to dig or in some cases determine my own best practices. Here’s where I ended up after the dust settled. Continue reading →

Who is Rich Haddock?

I was recently working on some new blog topics and a possible white paper when I stumbled across this little bit in SharePoint 2010. If you have worked in-depth with SharePoint publishing then you will undoubtedly be familiar with the Reusable Content capabilities within SharePoint. So, when playing around with Reusable Content in SharePoint 2010 I found this:

As you can see… SharePoint 2010 ships with three pieces of reusable content out of the box. Now I can understand the copyright and the quote but when I saw the Byline I immediately had to ask myself the question that I doubt anyone else cares about: Continue reading →

SharePoint 2010 – Role of the App Server

Previously in SharePoint 2007 a common SharePoint environment looked something like:

  • Web Front End Server
  • Application / Index Server
  • Database Server

Now when we said “Application Server” that usually meant things like Central Administration and Search but really didn’t mean a whole lot because while we wanted to isolate additional services to this box, SharePoint didn’t give us that level of control.

Enter SharePoint 2010… Continue reading →

Five SharePoint Technologies to Invest In

With SharePoint 2010 around the corner I bring you five SharePointe technologies to invest in. Not in any particular order…



What is Silverlight?

“Silverlight helps you create rich web applications that run on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Welcome to a new level of engaging, rich, safe, secure, and scalable cross-platform experience.”

In short Silverlight is the Microsoft competitor to Adobe Flash. Silverlight runs on the client side and is designed to communicate with backend systems via web services. It provides a rich experience with functionality such as playing videos, music, charting and rich web based user interfaces.

Why Should I Invest In It?

SharePoint 2010 is shipping with a new web part out of the box appropriately named the “Silverlight Web Part”. This web part will be a container or shim for any Silverlight applications that you would like to host within SharePoint. SharePoint 2010 also comes with a Client Object Model which will allow you to interface with the SharePoint objects using client side Silverlight code and avoid the need for building or using one of the out-of-the-box web services. This should greatly speed up development and allow developers to write rich interfaces, views and dashboards surfacing SharePoint data using custom Silverlight web parts. Continue reading →

Praises to chkdsk!

Story time.

The other night I was up late finishing some work for a client when my Western Digital 250GB external hard drive hiccuped. I heard the disc click and spin a little as if it suddenly had some work to do or something happened. Concerned I alt-tabbed over to my Virtual PC window to see the wonderful blue screen of death. I immediately shut down the virtual and tried to start it back up but it wouldn’t even boot… not even into the BIOS just a completely corrupt virtual hard disk. I immediately made a copy of the virtual disk hard drive (the VHD file) and starting backing up files off of the external. Files wouldn’t even copy off the drive! It wasn’t just my virtual, my whole drive was corrupt but I did have an idea… Continue reading →