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Modifying WSP Files Directly / Manually


Here’s a common issue: You export a site as a template, save down your WSP file, browse out to your client environment and prepare to upload your WSP but you receive an error that looks something like this:

After some hunting you come to find out that your source environment had Project Server installed and your destination environment does not. This same scenario can happen all over the place. Consider going from an Enterprise environment to a Standard environment or from on premise to Office 365.

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Timer Jobs Not Working

We recently had a VERY strange issue with a client. This specifically was a disaster restore where the previous environment was poorly documented. Due to a total hardware failure new hardware was provisioned… and that’s where the fun begins.

We were able to get SharePoint installed and get Reporting Services fully configured in integrated mode but when we went to configure the SSP… nothing. Always stuck in provisioning.

As we drilled down into the issue we realized that NO timer jobs were working. Another symptom that we noticed is that the Timer Job status page was completely blank… no status could be reported on any timer jobs. Continue reading →

Cleaning up Multi Choice fields in Content Query Web Part

I recently had to put together a Content Query Web Part that displayed a multiple choice field. By default the multiple choice field displays delimited with “;#”. Additionally sometimes you will find this combination of characters on the beginning and the ending of the string. Here is my XSLT template to clean up the choice field and substitute your replacement characters. Additionally I split out some of the supporting templates as they are very useful on their own.


<xsl:variable name="CleanFieldValue">
     <xsl:call -template name="cleanMultiChoice">
          <xsl:with -param name="choiceValue" select="@FieldValue"></xsl:with>
<xsl:call -template name="replaceCharsInString">
     <xsl:with -param name="stringIn" select="$CleanFieldValue"></xsl:with>
     <xsl:with -param name="charsIn" select="';#'"></xsl:with>
     <xsl:with -param name="charsOut" select="', '"></xsl:with>

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Configuring Office 2010 Ribbon for the SharePoint Information Worker

Office 2010 includes a new capability that gives users the power to create new or customize existing ribbon tabs and groups. Office 2007 included the ability to customize the quick access toolbar which we will also customize in this article so if you’re still stuck with Office 2007 for the next few months then you won’t be left out. Let’s take a look.

My custom tab ended up looking like the following

Let’s break it down group by group… Continue reading →

SharePoint – Limited Access – What is it?

This has been around for a while but since I still get questions about it from clients I figured I would post an explanation that may be a little more visual that other explanations.

When you start customizing security on your SharePoint sites by breaking inheritance at different levels you may start to see your nice clean permission lists be infiltrated by “Limited Access”. MSDN explains the “Limited Access” permission level as:

Allows access to shared resources in the Web site so users can access an item within the site. Designed to be combined with fine-grained permissions to give users access to a specific list, document library, item, or document, without giving users access to the entire site. Cannot be customized or deleted.

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SharePoint’s Memory Leak

Todd Carter over at has posted his very in-depth findings regarding a pretty significant memory leak in SharePoint 2007. The problem lies around the HttpApplication object and ultimately around the SPHttpApplication object.

For each HttpApplication which is leaked a potential huge number of child references are too rooted and therefore leaked.

The memory leak has proven to be pretty significant for certain clients as you can see below…

After having the customer install the fix I have described here the process which would normally grow to 10 GB an hour and recycle never went above 2.5 GB! And even after taking all servers out of the load balancer and running the entire farm off one WFE the memory never went above 3.3 GB!!

To learn more read the whole post at Todd’s blog.