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Solution for Content Type Hub Access Denied


If you’re using SharePoint Online and you’re trying to use the Content Type Hub you have probably come across the same problem. At some point you’ll realize that you can’t create a Content Type Hub because one has already been provisioned for you by Microsoft.

For those of you that are not aware your Content Type Hub is available at:

Great, so now you try to access the site collection but you quickly realize that you don’t have access. Boom. Access Denied. Continue reading →

2 Shortcuts for Signing out of Office 365


I don’t know about you but I probably have over 5 Office 365 accounts that I use on a regular basis. Between customer accounts, our company account, my personal account, trial tenants and preview tenants for new features that haven’t been released yet it gets really difficult to juggle the logins. InPrivate browsing really helps when you are managing just a few logins and of course you can always launch a different browser but that only gets you so far and ultimately you will end up seeing the screenshot below. Continue reading →

SharePoint and Internet Explorer 11


I’ve recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 which I must agree is a great improvement over the start screen and desktop interaction. While there are some new features the quality of life enhancements really make the upgrade worth it. One thing I didn’t expect with the upgrade was to receive a new version of Internet Explorer automatically.

Enter Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 has some great new features such as the new Developer Tools, better standards support and better HTML 5 video among other improvements. However, it also brings with it some problems using and working with SharePoint. Continue reading →

Why you really need to be considering moving your My Sites to SharePoint Online

This update has been out for a few weeks but still a lot of customers aren’t aware of these improvements.

In yet another service improvement that is rolling out to Office 365 Microsoft has again seriously stepped up their storage game turning the SharePoint Online My Site into an enormous cost saving storage option for businesses of all sizes and especially enterprises.

What’s New?

With the new service update rolling out Microsoft has announced the following changes:

  • SkyDrive Pro will be increased from 7GB to 25GB per person
  • SkyDrive Pro Quota is now manageable and can be increased to up to 100GB per person (for $0.20 / GB / month)
  • Users can now easily find documents shared with them just like the consumer version of SkyDrive
  • The individual file size limit has been increased from 250MB to 2GB per file
  • Default recycle bin retention has increased from 30 days to 90 days
  • Versioning is enabled by default with saving the last 10 versions
  • Exchange mailboxes increased from 25GB to 50GB
  • Site and resource mailboxes increased to 10GB (more than double)
  • Kiosk mailboxes increased from 1GB to 2GB Continue reading →

Enabling Excel Survey in SharePoint Online Team Sites


SkyDrive in SharePoint Online has a new feature called Excel Surveys. Microsoft has blogged and discussed this new feature a fair bit on the Excel Team Blog but also when it comes to Excel Surveys for SharePoint Online. Adding this feature to SharePoint Online keeps parity with the SkyDrive brand being both “SkyDrive Pro” aka My Site for SharePoint Online and SkyDrive for personal use. The question that I ran into and couldn’t find an answer online is: How do I create a survey in a team site within SharePoint Online? Continue reading →

Getting the Product Version for SharePoint Online


Microsoft may patch or update SharePoint Online with minimal warning or notification. That’s the benefit and risk of a cloud service… you’re always on the latest and greatest and all upgrade costs are bundled into your monthly payment. But, it also means that sometimes things change and you need to start troubleshooting.

I hit an issue recently with a vendor’s migration product. Because SharePoint Online had been patched recently and the version number incremented we had to install the latest updates in order to have connectivity. Here’s how you can check the version number yourself. Continue reading →