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Presenting at the Triad SharePoint User Group Meeting

I’ll be presenting at the Triad SharePoint User Group Meeting on January 12th 2010 in Winston-Salem, NC. If you’re in the area and interested in attending please check out the Triad SharePoint User Group site and feel free to stop by. The name of my presentation is Branding SharePoint Search Results. I’m going to be talking about the following topics:

  • How search has evolved
  • Making search results more visual
  • How to use ContentClass and Managed Properties
  • Customizing the Search Core Results Web Part
  • Best practices

I’ll post the slides here after the meeting but they will also be available on the TSUG site.

Edit: Slides can be downloaded here: Search Results Branding.pptx

SharePoint Search Crawled Properties Variant Types

If you ever need to create SharePoint managed properties through code then you’re going to be asked for a Variant Type. Since I couldn’t find an enum in the code or any documentation to identify them I started digging through the SharePoint UI and was able to hunt down the following. Hopefully it will save the next person some time.

Read more about programmatically creating managed properties via MSDN.

Variant Type Data Type
31 Text
20 Integer
11 Yes/No
12 Binary Data
64 Date/Time

Shared Services Between Farms

So let’s say that you have multiple SharePoint farms but want to search across them… enter “Shared Services Between Farms”. In this scenario you set one farm to be the provider and a second farm to be the consumer. The provider farm shares it’s Shared Service Provider with the consumer farm allowing you to associate one of your consumer farm’s web applications with one of the provider farms Shared Service Proviers.

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