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Issues with Minimal Download Strategy


Watch out for the new “Minimal Download Strategy” feature that is default on Team Sites in SharePoint 2013 as it’s full of nasty little bugs. Microsoft is pushing it pretty hard as improving load times and better for performance due to the AJAX and partial load functionality but I think it wasn’t fully tested. My recommendation for now is to disable this feature until we get a CU or SP that addresses it. Read on for some of the common errors you’ll see. Continue reading →

Modifying WSP Files Directly / Manually


Here’s a common issue: You export a site as a template, save down your WSP file, browse out to your client environment and prepare to upload your WSP but you receive an error that looks something like this:

After some hunting you come to find out that your source environment had Project Server installed and your destination environment does not. This same scenario can happen all over the place. Consider going from an Enterprise environment to a Standard environment or from on premise to Office 365.

So how do you fix this? Continue reading →

Adding Links to Site Settings

In part 1 I covered Adding Links to Central Administration but now it’s time to take a look at how I added links to the site settings screen for my CodePlex creation SharePoint 2010 Site Styles. Note that the process is almost identical.

So the final goal is something that looks like this:

Just like part 1 this solution uses feature activation (no code required) to make this happen. Here we go! Continue reading →

Adding Links to Central Administration

This is part 1 of a series regarding my recent CodePlex addition SharePoint 2010 Site Styles. I’ve decided to blog on 4 of the concepts that I used in creating the add-on. These are topics that have been blogged about before but hopefully relating to a real working code base will provide some additional value.

The goal is to get some new links to appear within Central Administration. The finished product looks like this:
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Understanding SharePoint Features

First… What Is a Feature?

A feature is a mechanism to deploy and activate customizations to a SharePoint environment. Features can be activated in the user interface empowering the administrator or end user with the ability to easily enable or disable a customization. Features are made of a manifest or feature.xml, one or many additional element XML files and additional resource files if applicable. Read more at MSDN. The most important benefit to features is that they can be deployed with Solution Packages (WSP), using solution packages will keep you in a supported, restorable state and encourages developers to focus on deployment and packaging during the initial phases of development which is extremely important. Continue reading →

SharePoint Permission Strings

SharePoint uses permission or rights strings in numerous places including setting permissions for Custom Actions in your feature XML. A colleague asked this question recently and I had to lookup the answer so I decided I would post for my own reference.
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