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SharePoint and Internet Explorer 11


I’ve recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 which I must agree is a great improvement over the start screen and desktop interaction. While there are some new features the quality of life enhancements really make the upgrade worth it. One thing I didn’t expect with the upgrade was to receive a new version of Internet Explorer automatically.

Enter Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 has some great new features such as the new Developer Tools, better standards support and better HTML 5 video among other improvements. However, it also brings with it some problems using and working with SharePoint. Continue reading →

Issues with Minimal Download Strategy


Watch out for the new “Minimal Download Strategy” feature that is default on Team Sites in SharePoint 2013 as it’s full of nasty little bugs. Microsoft is pushing it pretty hard as improving load times and better for performance due to the AJAX and partial load functionality but I think it wasn’t fully tested. My recommendation for now is to disable this feature until we get a CU or SP that addresses it. Read on for some of the common errors you’ll see. Continue reading →

Problems with Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) and SharePoint


I recently came across an issue with Internet Explorer 10 that causes problems with a number of web sites. It took a little over a week back and forth with Microsoft support before we were able to finally target it to the browser. I thought it was an issue with a particular clients Office 365 tenant so that left us chasing our tails for a bit.


The problem stems from the way that Internet Explorer 10 handles websites in compatibility mode. Internet Explorer 8 and 9 respected a meta property embedded in the head of the website. Microsoft products like CRM and SharePoint utilized this property to automatically force the page into compatibility mode without any involvement from the user.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />

Internet Explorer 10, however, seems to disable compatibility mode by default… a big step forward in terms of Microsoft’s commitment to web standards but a a step backwards when it comes to… well… compatibility. Continue reading →

Office 365 Root Site Collection Bug


Just a quick tip here.

You cannot use the Publishing Portal to create root site collections in Office 365. According to Microsoft support this option may be removed in the future as the site collection provisioning process hangs. Continue reading →

Timer Jobs Not Working

We recently had a VERY strange issue with a client. This specifically was a disaster restore where the previous environment was poorly documented. Due to a total hardware failure new hardware was provisioned… and that’s where the fun begins.

We were able to get SharePoint installed and get Reporting Services fully configured in integrated mode but when we went to configure the SSP… nothing. Always stuck in provisioning.

As we drilled down into the issue we realized that NO timer jobs were working. Another symptom that we noticed is that the Timer Job status page was completely blank… no status could be reported on any timer jobs. Continue reading →

SharePoint’s Memory Leak

Todd Carter over at has posted his very in-depth findings regarding a pretty significant memory leak in SharePoint 2007. The problem lies around the HttpApplication object and ultimately around the SPHttpApplication object.

For each HttpApplication which is leaked a potential huge number of child references are too rooted and therefore leaked.

The memory leak has proven to be pretty significant for certain clients as you can see below…

After having the customer install the fix I have described here the process which would normally grow to 10 GB an hour and recycle never went above 2.5 GB! And even after taking all servers out of the load balancer and running the entire farm off one WFE the memory never went above 3.3 GB!!

To learn more read the whole post at Todd’s blog.