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Optimizing SharePoint 2013 Development Environments


SharePoint 2013 is VERY resource hungry and some of us are stuck with development environments with just 16GB of RAM. In order to actually develop in these conditions we must throttle services and be very careful how we configure our development environments. I’ve written a PowerShell script that will run through many of the optimizations that can be done and pre-configure them. You could say I’ve optimized the optimization. Continue reading →

SSL and SharePoint 2013

A new best practice emerges in SharePoint 2013 that will change how some companies are deploying SharePoint today. That new best practice is to ensure that every single web application is SSL encrypted with said SSL now terminated on the SharePoint web front ends.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a requirement for web applications that are deployed in scenarios that support server-to-server authentication and app authentication. This is such a scenario. As a prerequisite for configuring Task Synchronization, the computer that is running SharePoint Server must have SSL configured.

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Be careful with IIS Dynamic Compression and SharePoint

Had an issue this week that was resulting in blank  pages being rendered for users of our SharePoint Extranet. The issue surfaced itself in two different ways. Users were able to access the sign in page but once they completed the sign in using Live Authentication (we’re using LiveAuth via Claims FBA for our extranet) they immediately received the error.

The Symptoms

Using Internet Explorer

Users received a generic “Page could not be displayed error message.”

Using Google Chrome

Users received the following error message.

Error 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED): Unknown error

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Office 365 Root Site Collection Bug


Just a quick tip here.

You cannot use the Publishing Portal to create root site collections in Office 365. According to Microsoft support this option may be removed in the future as the site collection provisioning process hangs. Continue reading →

A Few JavaScript/jQuery Best Practices


I recently completed a pretty good size HTML5, JavaScript, SharePoint 2010 application for mobile devices. I got the opportunity to use some fairly young technologies so had to dig or in some cases determine my own best practices. Here’s where I ended up after the dust settled. Continue reading →

Managed Account Password Management

I like the idea of SharePoint managing my passwords for me. I like the idea of no human knowing what the service account passwords are so that they are forced to log into their own admin account before modifying anything within SharePoint. The problem with this is that I just can’t trust SharePoint to handle this for me and even if I do it is very difficult to have a recovery strategy.

I’ve now been bitten by this issue twice in two separate environments. I can’t say what causes it but for some reason the Farm account fails to update cleanly and Central Administration is completely unaccessible. Thank goodness for my old friend PowerShell.

So you’re either here because your farm is inaccessible or you’re here because you need the PowerShell for resetting a managed account password. Either way… here you go.

Modify Password for Managed Account using PowerShell

$pw = ConvertTo-SecureString -String p@ssword1 -AsPlainText -Force
$account = Get-SPManagedAccount DOMAIN\User
Set-SPManagedAccount -Identity $account -NewPassword $pw -ConfirmPassword $pw -SetNewPassword

Now… if this fails for you because you can’t access the farm due to permissions issues then you have a much larger issue on your hands. You can try to give a user access to the content and configuration databases, local administrator rights and Shell Admin role within SQL Server but honestly I haven’t tested that scenario yet.

For now I’m recommending that companies do not utilize the automatic password management features of SharePoint 2010.