Bookmarklet to Export SharePoint Web Part


I’m a huge fan of creating little browser bookmarklets that make my life easier. I’ve done this in the past for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013. For example by bookmarklet to sign in as another user or my bookmarklet to force the sign out of Office 365 of Windows Live.

This time a colleague required the ability to export a ListViewWebPart and used an old SharePoint 2007 trick. To make things even easier I give you a bookmarklet to simplify the process of exporting non-exportable web parts such as List Views.

To install this simply drag the link below to your favorites bar to create a bookmarklet that will work on any SharePoint 2013 site. Whenever you want to export a web part just click the link in your browser favorites and specify the GUID of the web part to export.

Export Web Part

How do I get the Web Part GUID?

  1. Inspect the page or view source
  2. Find the title and body of the web part in the source code
  3. Find the <div webpartid=”GUID”>
  4. Copy the web part GUID to your clipboard


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