Solution for Content Type Hub Access Denied


If you’re using SharePoint Online and you’re trying to use the Content Type Hub you have probably come across the same problem. At some point you’ll realize that you can’t create a Content Type Hub because one has already been provisioned for you by Microsoft.

For those of you that are not aware your Content Type Hub is available at:

Great, so now you try to access the site collection but you quickly realize that you don’t have access. Boom. Access Denied.

The only user that has access to this auto-generated site collection by default is the account that originally provisioned Office 365. This normally wouldn’t be a problem if you could go to your SharePoint admin center and modify the site collection administrators. However, the Content Type Hub is a hidden site collection… so now you’re stuck. It really isn’t the best situation to have to go hunt down the original user so I started poking around to find an alternative.

It turns out that there is a page called TA_SiteCollectionOwnersDialog.aspx that handles the management of Site Collection Administrators. And this page takes a single simple parameter called “site”. So if you want to access your Content Type Hub without contacting your original administrator (and you’re a Global Administrator within Office 365) just go to the following URL.

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