2 Shortcuts for Signing out of Office 365


I don’t know about you but I probably have over 5 Office 365 accounts that I use on a regular basis. Between customer accounts, our company account, my personal account, trial tenants and preview tenants for new features that haven’t been released yet it gets really difficult to juggle the logins. InPrivate browsing really helps when you are managing just a few logins and of course you can always launch a different browser but that only gets you so far and ultimately you will end up seeing the screenshot below.


Sometimes I get stuck in this loop where I will click the “Sign in with a different account” only to be returned to the “That didn’t work” page. Rinse and repeat with no success.

The Solution

The best thing I’ve found that works (because I would rather not reset all cookies and close out all my browsers all the time) is to simply do a force logout to all Microsoft Online Services. Luckily there is an easy way to do this. And with the bookmarklets below an even easier way.

To install these bookmarklets simply right click and select “Add to Favorites” or drag the link below to your favorites bar to create a bookmarklet that will give you quick access to sign out any time.

Microsoft Online – Sign Out

Microsoft Live – Sign Out

For another one of my bookmarklets see SharePoint 2013 – Sign in as another User

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