Why you really need to be considering moving your My Sites to SharePoint Online

This update has been out for a few weeks but still a lot of customers aren’t aware of these improvements.

In yet another service improvement that is rolling out to Office 365 Microsoft has again seriously stepped up their storage game turning the SharePoint Online My Site into an enormous cost saving storage option for businesses of all sizes and especially enterprises.

What’s New?

With the new service update rolling out Microsoft has announced the following changes:

  • SkyDrive Pro will be increased from 7GB to 25GB per person
  • SkyDrive Pro Quota is now manageable and can be increased to up to 100GB per person (for $0.20 / GB / month)
  • Users can now easily find documents shared with them just like the consumer version of SkyDrive
  • The individual file size limit has been increased from 250MB to 2GB per file
  • Default recycle bin retention has increased from 30 days to 90 days
  • Versioning is enabled by default with saving the last 10 versions
  • Exchange mailboxes increased from 25GB to 50GB
  • Site and resource mailboxes increased to 10GB (more than double)
  • Kiosk mailboxes increased from 1GB to 2GB

What does this mean for my total storage?

If you have just 100 users you just went from total storage of 3,260 GB to 7,560 GB. These are huge numbers that no large organization can afford to provide that level of storage and still compete with the price points of SharePoint Online. If your company uses personal drives, is a heavy user of my sites or is struggling with backing up that large amount of storage then we need to talk.

Other considerations

Ok, so maybe you’re sold on the storage aspect of putting those My Sites in the cloud but there are a few other considerations you should keep in mind.

  1. Social
    With the Yammer roadmap a little better defined and the fact that we have already seen some major Yammer updates Yammer is accelerating quickly as the social platform of choice. With the latest updates we have SSO support, the ability to post a document to Yammer directly from SharePoint and the ability to integrate a Yammer feed into a SharePoint site. Now, to be fair… there is still a lot missing such as search integration, tag integration, and last of consistency between social updates to name a few.
  2. User Profiles
    If your organization is a heavy user of customized user profiles in SharePoint and currently sources content from multiple places other than Active Directory then you will need to decide to keep your profiles in either Online or On-Premise as currently synchronization of the user profiles between environments is currently not supported. If you do decide to stick with a single user profile then you should consider turning off social features in the other environment so as to not confuse users.
  3. Management of My Sites
    Managing My Sites in SharePoint Online is a bit limited at present. You will need to manually add yourself as a site collection administrator to each users My Site through the User Profiles management at the tenant level. Currently there is no way to globally deploy a style or theme to all My Sites nor to control certain functionality as long as the user is a Site Collection administrator of their own site.

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