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My SharePoint 2013 Lab and Dev Environment – Part 1


I’ve been working on my SharePoint 2013 lab environment for about a month now and I’m while still tinkering with it I’ve gotten to the point that I’m ready to start blogging about my process and my results. This will be the first post in the series.

The Physical Rig

For starters I’m running Windows 2012 on all the machines and using Hyper-V.

  •  HP z420 Workstation
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 3.60GHZ Xeon CPU
  • 240GB SSD (Primary Drive) – OS (Plan to move the SP VM here if necessary in the future)
  • 500 GB (Secondary Drive) – ISO Storage and VMs
I went ahead and joined the Hyper-V server to the corporate domain so that I can easily manage the machines through the Hyper-V Administration tools directly from my laptop. Continue reading →

Creating a Cloud Library in Windows

Lately I’ve been a huge user of cloud based services. SkyDrive (for personal and business), SkyDrive Pro (Office 365 and On Premise) and Dropbox (slowly moving to SkyDrive) are my biggest three. While these apps have integration into Windows there is the occasional dialog that make it hard to find your folder (Alright it’s not that difficult but it can be annoying if your SkyDrive folder is inside of your User directory). In most cases it’s a breeze to access this information because it shows in your Favorites window when you’re working with files. But other times you’ll get the “Library Window” which can make it very hard to find things… especially when you store your SkyDrive library on a separate harddrive. Continue reading →