The Windows PowerShell Command Builder


Have you learned PowerShell yet? If not, you’re way behind.

What if there was a tool that allowed you to view all of the commands that were available for SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 and Office 365 in a way that was intuitive, task oriented and visual? What if this tool was web accessible and didn’t require an installation? What if I just cut to the chase and gave you the link?

This thing is awesome. It’s like building PowerShell commands with legos.

The Microsoft Windows PowerShell Command Builder and associated getting started guide.

What it looks like

A simple example

Let’s say you’re a SharePoint administrator that hasn’t picked up PowerShell yet and you need to create a new site collection. Of course you could go back to your trusty stsadm but that would be a tragedy.

  1. Load up the command builder
  2. Select SharePoint Server 2010
  3. Drag over the New verb
  4. Notice that the list of available nouns has been filtered
  5. Drag over the Site noun
  6. Populate the required fields
  7. Populate the optional fields as necessary
  8. Click Copy to Clipboard
  9. Run the command in the SharePoint Shell
  10. Rejoice

Where Office 365 comes in

In addition to SharePoint the command builder also has support for Office 365 in the following areas:

  • Manipulating Office 365 users, groups and roles
  • Accessing configured domains and DNS records
  • Working with subscriptions, SKUs and licenses
  • Getting and updating Partner information and Partner contacts
  • Setting company information
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