Nintex Workflow Tips & Tricks

I’ve been working with Nintex products for a few years now with great success. In my experience their workflow and reporting products are very solid but sometimes performing complex solutions can have a learning curve. Here are a couple of tips and best practices I’ve learned over the years.

During development disable Safe Looping

  1. Browse to Central Administration
  2. Click Nintex Workflow Management
  3. Click Global Settings
  4. Change Enforce safe looping to no
  5. Click OK
  6. Perform an IISReset

This will remove all of the delays that Nintex places on any looping activity. Be warned: this could cause serious performance problems if you have a run away workflow that ends up in an infinite loop.

Know when to Commit Pending Changes

Nintex Connect explains this topic pretty clearly:

What you need to know is that your workflows can easily get into a race condition due to the way that the SharePoint Workflow engine batches requests. So to prevent activities being executed in the wrong order you should use the Commity Pending Changes activity whenever you perform updates on an item/document.

Keep Boolean Logic Simple

What you need to know is that Nintex (the underlying SharePoint workflow engine) does not have a way of using parenthesis for boolean logic and does not follow any kind of order of operations.

There is some guidance on Nintex Connect regarding this topic:

However, I have my own recommendation. Do NOT mix OR and AND logic in the same if statement. Even following the guidance in the article above means you have to build very complex boolean statements that are difficult to read and nearly impossible to maintain without introducing bugs. Instead build nested IF statements and use simpler logic to solve your problems.

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