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Who is Rich Haddock?

I was recently working on some new blog topics and a possible white paper when I stumbled across this little bit in SharePoint 2010. If you have worked in-depth with SharePoint publishing then you will undoubtedly be familiar with the Reusable Content capabilities within SharePoint. So, when playing around with Reusable Content in SharePoint 2010 I found this:

As you can see… SharePoint 2010 ships with three pieces of reusable content out of the box. Now I can understand the copyright and the quote but when I saw the Byline I immediately had to ask myself the question that I doubt anyone else cares about: Continue reading →

Adding Links to Site Settings

In part 1 I covered Adding Links to Central Administration but now it’s time to take a look at how I added links to the site settings screen for my CodePlex creation SharePoint 2010 Site Styles. Note that the process is almost identical.

So the final goal is something that looks like this:

Just like part 1 this solution uses feature activation (no code required) to make this happen. Here we go! Continue reading →