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Sysprepped SharePoint 2010 Development Image

SharePoint 2010 is here and it’s time to do things right this time around. To me, doing it right means that everything I do should be reusable. Those reusable components may be for our internal developers or it may be something that the sales team can run with but either way that’s the goal.

The requirements

When it came time to put together the image that would be reused for all the developers across the company we needed a solution a little bit more robust then the solution we used for SharePoint 2007. Below are some of our requirements:

  1. Consistent installations between environments
  2. Follow best practices where possible (development environments historically break this rule for ease of use)
  3. Unique computer name for each person to avoid network collisions
  4. Automated installation to allow for quick spin up of development environments
  5. Should use VMware (We recently transitioned everything from Virtual PC to VMware due to 64bit requirements)

In addition to these requirements we also put in place some new machine requirements for all developers. At a high level this includes 8 GB of ram and quad core processors. The developer has input for the remaining specs. Continue reading →