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Setting up BGInfo on your SharePoint Servers

What is BGInfo?

BGInfo embeds key pieces of configurable server information into the desktop background when a user logs into the machine.

This information really applies to all servers but I figured I would focus on SharePoint. On all of my servers I run the same BGInfo script that runs at logon. The script really helps in the management of the servers because it gives me an at a glance look at some key pieces of information.

This information includes metrics such as :

  • Boot Time
  • Snapshot Time
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Disk Space
  • OS Version / Patch Level
  • IE Version
  • Domain / IP / Network Information

I’ve found that all of these pieces of information are extremely helpful in the management of the SharePoint environment. They help me answer questions when troubleshooting an issue as soon as I log in such as: Am I out of disk space due to my log files growing? Am I on the latest OS service pack level? Does this virtual have enough memory assigned to it? Has the machine lost it’s connection to the domain controller?

Download my BGInfo configuration file
Download BGInfo

Also when automating the run of BGInfo be sure to use the proper command line parameters so that it doesn’t annoy the user with unnecessary dialogs.

bginfo.exe \\path\to\bginfo.bgi /nolicprompt /silent /timer:0

SharePoint Saturday Tampa Slides

I’ve uploaded the slides from my presentation at SharePoint Saturday Tampa to Slide Share for anyone interested. Feel free to learn more about leveraging the ribbon API and dialog framework. If you have any questions or comments feel free to shoot me a message via the contact form. I’m currently working on cleaning up the code that I demo’d during the presentation and will be releasing it in a series of blog posts about the subject. If you would like a copy in the mean time shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to send it to you.