SharePoint 2010: What’s New? – Part 1

After installing the new SharePoint 2010 beta I stared blankly at it wondering where to begin. So, after some consideration I’m going to begin at the beginning in an attempt to identify the new and the different, one feature at a time. Welcome to part one in a multi part series where I’m going to focus on the mapping of functionality from 2007 to 2010 rather than how it works or how to use it… consider this an inventory. In part one I’m going to cover the Central Administration Application Management page.

Roll over the SharePoint 2007 screenshots below to learn what’s new regarding that functionality in SharePoint 2010.

Application Management

SharePoint Web Application Management

SharePoint Site Management

External Service Connections

UI moved to General Application Settings > External Service Connections.

InfoPath Forms Services

UI moved to General Application Settings > InfoPath Forms Services

Office SharePoint Server Shared Services

The concept of shared services has been completely revamped. I’ll cover this in a dedicated section for the Shared Service Provider.

Configure session state

I couldn’t find this anywhere so I assume its been removed from the UI.

Application Security

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