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Undocumented List Definition Properties

While the MSDN article gives most of the properties that you can use when configuring your list definition it does miss a few. I’ve documented the missing properties that I’ve found below:



ForceCheckout Optional Boolean. TRUE to require documents to be checked out before they can be edited.
EmailAssignTo Optional Boolean. TRUE to automatically send emails to the user when an item is assigned to them.
MajorVersionLimit Optional Integer. Specifies the number of major versions to retain when versioning is enabled.
MajorWithMinorVersionLimit Optional Integer. Specifies the number of draft versions to retain for each major version when versioning is enabled.

Querying a SharePoint List with LINQ

I am continuously seeing the value in LINQ and I think with the upcoming changes in SharePoint 2010 I plan on making LINQ an even bigger part of my normal development practice.

First establish an SPList object of the list you would like to query data from.

SPList list = web.GetList("/Lists/ListUrl");

Next query the list; taking advantage of the filtering and sorting capabilities built into LINQ

var listItems = from SPListItem item in list.Items
                            orderby item.Title
                            select item;

And with a where query utilizing a custom field!

var listItems = from SPListItem item in list.Items
                            orderby item.Title
                            where ((DateTime)item["CustomExpirationField"]).DayOfYear >= DateTime.Now.DayOfYear
                            select item;

Now feel free to loop through your data and take care of business!

foreach (SPListItem item in listItems)
     // item.Title

Five SharePoint Technologies to Invest In

With SharePoint 2010 around the corner I bring you five SharePointe technologies to invest in. Not in any particular order…



What is Silverlight?

“Silverlight helps you create rich web applications that run on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Welcome to a new level of engaging, rich, safe, secure, and scalable cross-platform experience.”

In short Silverlight is the Microsoft competitor to Adobe Flash. Silverlight runs on the client side and is designed to communicate with backend systems via web services. It provides a rich experience with functionality such as playing videos, music, charting and rich web based user interfaces.

Why Should I Invest In It?

SharePoint 2010 is shipping with a new web part out of the box appropriately named the “Silverlight Web Part”. This web part will be a container or shim for any Silverlight applications that you would like to host within SharePoint. SharePoint 2010 also comes with a Client Object Model which will allow you to interface with the SharePoint objects using client side Silverlight code and avoid the need for building or using one of the out-of-the-box web services. This should greatly speed up development and allow developers to write rich interfaces, views and dashboards surfacing SharePoint data using custom Silverlight web parts. Continue reading →