Praises to chkdsk!

Story time.

The other night I was up late finishing some work for a client when my Western Digital 250GB external hard drive hiccuped. I heard the disc click and spin a little as if it suddenly had some work to do or something happened. Concerned I alt-tabbed over to my Virtual PC window to see the wonderful blue screen of death. I immediately shut down the virtual and tried to start it back up but it wouldn’t even boot… not even into the BIOS just a completely corrupt virtual hard disk. I immediately made a copy of the virtual disk hard drive (the VHD file) and starting backing up files off of the external. Files wouldn’t even copy off the drive! It wasn’t just my virtual, my whole drive was corrupt but I did have an idea…

I loaded up the trusty command prompt and ran:

chkdsk G: /F

Implying that I wanted windows to check my G: drive (Western Digital External) and FIX any issues that it found. After the longest chkdsk I’ve ever experienced I was able to access MOST of the files off of my hard drive however my virtual would still not boot. I then safely removed the drive, plugged the drive back in and removed and reattached the hard disk to the Virtual PC image.

Now my virtual boots successfully, however, there was still so much corruption inside the virtual that SharePoint fails to run properly but at least I was able to retrieve all files and recover all the work that I stayed up late working on.

The moral of the story?

Never trust an external drive and backup, backup, backup!

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