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Shared Services Between Farms

So let’s say that you have multiple SharePoint farms but want to search across them… enter “Shared Services Between Farms”. In this scenario you set one farm to be the provider and a second farm to be the consumer. The provider farm shares it’s Shared Service Provider with the consumer farm allowing you to associate one of your consumer farm’s web applications with one of the provider farms Shared Service Proviers.

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Praises to chkdsk!

Story time.

The other night I was up late finishing some work for a client when my Western Digital 250GB external hard drive hiccuped. I heard the disc click and spin a little as if it suddenly had some work to do or something happened. Concerned I alt-tabbed over to my Virtual PC window to see the wonderful blue screen of death. I immediately shut down the virtual and tried to start it back up but it wouldn’t even boot… not even into the BIOS just a completely corrupt virtual hard disk. I immediately made a copy of the virtual disk hard drive (the VHD file) and starting backing up files off of the external. Files wouldn’t even copy off the drive! It wasn’t just my virtual, my whole drive was corrupt but I did have an idea… Continue reading →

Best Kept Windows 7 Secrets

Tim Sneath over at Musings of a Client Platform Guy has just posted an excellent article on all gems you can find in Windows 7 that few know about. I definitely learned some tricks including the following:

  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • The Blackbox Recorder
  • New mouse shortcuts
  • Specialized windows switching
  • and more…

Read the rest at The Bumper List of Windows 7 Secrets. Thanks Tim!