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10 Essential SharePoint Developer Tools

#10 XML Notepad 2007

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Why You Need It

  • Perfect for editing large XML files such as List Definitions, Site Definitions (onet.xml) and large XML feature files (Content Types, Site Columns, etc)
  • Great support for expanding / collapsing nodes
  • Good for testing XSL transformations

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SharePoint 2010 Sneak Peek is out!

Check it out here:

Microsoft has posted three great videos detailing improvements for three roles of users including a general overview, IT professionals and developers.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Ribbon support (with live preview and context aware)
  • Visio Services
  • BDC revamped to the Business Connectivity Services
  • Groove revamped to SharePoint Workspace
  • SharePoint Web Part
  • Large List Management (Means potential support for > 2000 item limits)
  • Better disaster recovery options
  • Visual Web Part development
  • LINQ for SharePoint
  • and a really interesting Developer Dashboard that provides important statics about code running within a SharePoint page